Senior Years Seed Grants 2014

May 2, 2014 by

In the Senior Years category, we congratulate Julie Brunel from Virden Collegiate in the Fort La Bosse SD and Jamie Leduc from Sisler High School in the Winnipeg SD.

Mini iPads for EnvirothonJulie and her students expressed a real need for tablet computers (iPads) in Virden Collegiate. In fact, the video submitted was created by students using Julie’s personal iPhone. The idea of the project at Virden project is to purchase iPad Minis to allow for more integration of technology into Biology related courses. Specifically, to enhance inquiry skills, encourage creative communication, and to share learning experiences through photos and videos. The major goal of the project is to provide an easy way for “students to access the array of materials that they are required to learn to be competitive at the Regional Envirothon competition.” We wish Virden students every success in the Envirothon and productive use of these tools in the classroom.

Save Our MindsThe Sisler project, submitted by Jamie Leduc, is one driven by students and with broad reaching implications. Called “Save Our Minds”, the main idea of the project is to “plan, develop and launch a mental health awareness/cyber bullying app for teens and an augmented reality “Self-help” app for the Amanda Todd Legacy. Students are under the guidance of Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol Todd. “The ManACE grant will be used to purchase various tablets which will assist the students while researching similar apps and to prototype their app. The main goal of the project is to provide support to teens suffering from mental health issues or bullying. This amazing project was highlighted by an IGNITE presentation at the recent MTS Awakening Possibilities conference by a dynamic group of young people. You can check out the work being undertaken at their web site:

ManACE is proud to assist these worthy projects and wish them all success!

-This post by Mike Nantais (President, 2013-14)

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