SAGE (Special Area Groups of Educators)

The Special Area Groups of Educators affiliated with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society are organizations of educators in specific fields.They offer professional development, camaraderie and a forum to share ideas and insights. Special Area Group conferences and workshops present the best ideas from the brightest minds in teaching.

Request for satellite service from Special Area Groups of Educators (This request for service is the first step in approaching a SAGE from a local association or school for learning opportunities throughout the year or on the October SAGE Coordinated Conference Day.)

Dates of MTS PD Days in future years:
2017 October 20
2018 October 19
2019 October 25
2020 October 23

But SAGEs do much more than sponsor the extensive professional development conferences. They reinforce personal professional development activities by helping develop on-going skills in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Visit a group’s page for more information, including fees and contacts.

Special Area Groups of Educators