Middle Years Seed Grants 2014

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Middle Years Seed Grants 2014

In the middle years category, congratulations go out to Carrie Van deGraff and Casie Fraser of Mulvey School in the Winnipeg SD and to Dave Law of Churchill High School, also in the Winnipeg SD.

The Mulvey School project is titled “Empowering Each Other: Students as Mathematical Communicators.” This project will use technology to communicate students’ mathematical thinking to solve complex/real life math problems and will involve about 120 students in grades 5-8. Technology will be used in many ways, including:

  1. Projecting the problem solving ideas of students as they develop (using Apple TV and iPads). This will allow for ideas to be discussed and for students to learn from each other. The viewing of student work in progress provides minute-by-minute feedback as ideas evolve.
  2. Tracking student growth in communication.
  3. Students will use ipad Apps (e.g. Explain Everything) to communicate and model their thinking and to create an illustration of a real world problem that has relevance for them. The applicants stated on the submission that “We believe that communicating and sharing our ideas in math helps us to communicate and share our ideas in all areas of our lives; in school and in the community.”

The Churchill project, submitted by Dave Law, is titled “News in Sustainability.”

News in Sustainability

For this project, the class will create a news program which they will write and film themselves. Each group in the class will choose an area of the world in which to focus. They will then report on issues surrounding sustainability in that region. In Churchill’s program “students study sustainability not just through the lens of environmentalism, but also in the contexts of human rights, social justice, and economics.” The students will present their work to other classes in the school and can be shared at parent-teacher days, school events (such as open house), and even online.

The ManACE board looks forward to seeing the progress and results of these projects, and are pleased to help make them become reality!

-This post by Mike Nantais (President, 2013-14)