February 26th, TIN

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Another awesome TIN! This time in the Lecture Theatre at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon.

Jennifer Dyck-Sprout kicked off the evening with a presentation on Ignition by Everfi. Ignition is an online tutorial that is intended for use with Grade 5-8 students. It can be used to teach various aspects of digital citizenship and is available for use by all teachers and students in Manitoba. Everfi has forged a strategic partnership with the National Hockey League to make this resource available at no cost to schools or divisions! http://www.everfi.com/

Coding introduces learners to computer science to create, not just use, technology. All kids can code, and so can their teachers! Coding also promotes the development of important critical and creative thinking skills, giving students a foundation for success in many 21st century careers. Devon Caldwell & Leah Obach reviewed some great coding tools for students of all ages and explained how you can host your own coding event for Hour of Code next December.

Andy McKiel rounded off the evening with his session on the importance of sharing your learning in very transparent ways. Through the use of social media, it’s becoming much simpler to connect and collaborate at a distance and there are a variety of ways that teachers and students can (and should) grow their personal learning networks to reflect their interests and talents. Andy also explored a variety of issues surrounding the notion of ‘learning in public’.


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