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The crowd of 30 plus gathered in the library of Henry G. Izatt Middle School was treated to 3 excellent presentations and free pizza.

The evening started off with Brandi Nicholauson and HGI students demonstrating a few Pi and 3D printer activities. Makerspace corner in the HGI Library includes a Rasp­berry Pi center and a 3D printer. These additions to their school have opened up the poten­tial for cre­ativ­ity and oppor­tu­ni­ties for stu­dents to learn cod­ing. Students also shared how they use Tinkercad, and why they are inspired by these activities.

Our second presenter was Paul Buskell, ICT teacher from Sisler High School, who demonstrated a prototype that uses a Raspberry Pi and an in-house app to deliver location-aware web content to students. Last year, Sisler High School was awarded a ManACE SEED Grant to purchase several Raspberry Pi devices to kick-start their project on location awareness. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny low-cost single-board computer that is poised to revolutionize the electronics and do-it-yourself industries. Originally developed for educational purposes, it is fast becoming a platform for teaching students the link between hardware and software.

Alvin Gross topped off the evening by providing an overview of the rational and application process for the ManACE SEED Grants.

For complete details on the ManACE SEED Grants, please visit http://www.manace.ca/seed-grants-are-back/

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