Early Years Seed Grants for 2014

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Congratulations this year go out to Eberhard Hofer at Acadia School in the Beautiful Plains School Division and to Stephanie Isaac at Ecole R.H.G. Bonnycastle School in the Pembina Trails School Division. As previously mentioned, there were many deserving projects, making for a difficult decision.

Mindstorm Robots await students at Acadia School!

Mindstorm Robots await students at Acadia School!

ManACE funds will provide a boost so that Acadia School can conduct their project titled: Mindstorms for Elementary Students. Mr. Hofer stated, “We are a small school and purchasing a Lego Mindstorms kit is basically a dream right now.” This dream can now become a reality. The goal is to use Lego Robots to get students interested in programming and for teaching them how to control electronic sensors and switches. The use of Lego Mindstorms will allow students to develop skills by building them and then programming. These skills can be taken to any level that the student wants to.

The Bonnycastle School project proposes to follow and document the construction process taking place at the school. Progress will be documented by the students. The final product will be an interactive ibook that will include student photos, videos, interviews, reflective writing and a time lapse video of the whole construction project. The iBook will be created and be made available on iTunes. The school will promote and present the iBook at an assembly and will make it available to community members, students and teachers. ManACE funds will help purchase equipment to make this project possible.

ManACE is pleased to help these schools, teachers, and their students achieve their learning goals! In our next post on seed grants, we will be featuring the grants awarded in the middle years category.

-This post by Mike Nantais (President, 2013-14)

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