ManACE AGM for 2014

May 7, 2014 by

This year the ManACE AGM will be held in conjunction with the Riding the Wave conference in Gimli. The AGM will take place in the Lakeview Resort on day one of the conference, May 15, from 4 – 5 pm.

Our AGM will feature the election of the 2014/15 Board and a special presentation by Alan Levine (@CogDog). The proposed slate of officers and board members is below. Plan to join us at Riding the Wave in Gimli!!

Proposed Slate of Officers & Board for 2014/15:

Pelican Beach, Gimli

Pelican Beach, Gimli – Image created by Robert Lindsdell. Click image above for original page source on

President: Darren Kuropatwa
Past-President: Mike Nantais
President Elect: elected from board
Treasurer/Memberships: Phil Taylor
Secretary: Leslie Dent
SAGE co-chair: Tinahi Vong
SAGE co-chair: Andy McKiel
Webmaster: Shawn Kleebaum
SEED Grants: Alvin Gross
Journal Editor: Matt Henderson
Member at Large: Erin Clarke (3rd year)
Member at Large: Kirsten Thompson (2nd year)
Member at Large: Zoe Bettess (1st year)
Member at Large: Peggy Hobson (1st year)
Member at Large: Rennie Redekopp (1st year)
Member at Large: Justin Lamoreaux (1st year)

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